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SVR09 - Model Behavior

11 месяцев назад1 views



Heres a classic video I made back in my SVR09 days: the second match ever between Melissa and Barbi Billard. Im not entirely sure how this one disappeared; since I never got a takedown notice, I guess I must have pulled it down myself. Anyway, since its wasnt up anymore, since a couple people asked about it, and since Im still polishing up week three of A Tall Order to get it ready for capture, I figured Id upload it.\r
Needless to say, Melissa and Barbi look a lot different here. I made this using Smackdown vs. Raw new; Smackdown vs. Raw new hadnt come out yet. Plus, even though Id settled on Melissas look years ago, I played around with different outfits and hairstyles anyway just to see how it would turn out.\r
But youre not hear to read any of this crap. Enjoy the classic match, and look for the next chapters of A Tall Order to show up soon!

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SVR09 - Model Behavior
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