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Moomoo.io Trolling - The Circle of Death, Round #2

11 месяцев назад33 views



Do you want to completely humiliate your opponents in Moomoo.io, then watch this! This is round two of The Circle of Death, where I completely rely on the resources I have to kill and humiliate the opponents entrapped in the Pit Trap. I used Great Axe and Hammer instead of Short Sword and Crossbow for complete reliance on Turrets. However I also managed to use Spikes in an interesting fashion. Spikes and Turrets take time to set up, but once its set up, there is almost no escape for the victims, only death.\r
Remember that this isnt the fastest way to kill a player. Although this can be done in a team, its not as fast as just killing them. Be careful, Pit Traps are on the rise!\r
Music from Epidemic Sound ()

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Moomoo.io Trolling - The Circle of Death, Round #2
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