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ARK PVP Building TIPS #15 - The War Dock! [Titanshield Gaming]

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Welcome back to Titanshield Gaming! Today I got another video for you fine people! I love to bring you the ARK build videos, ARK raid videos, and ARK antics! Come on over and check them out!\r
Hello people, and welcome back to Titanshield Gaming! I wanted to toss this video out with a special credit to WillieBeamon8 in mind, since it was his idea and suggestion I picked out of the many to build. The suggestion was to build a Water Dino dock. Thank you for that suggestion I asked for at the end of the 14th video! I hope you guys like what I got in store for you!\r
*Attention: I make these instructional and conceptual base build designs for people to learn from, to view the construction of thier own base from another perspective. Any and all materials needed for these builds are fluidic depending on your server rates, personal experience in gathering/building. And overall ability to conceptualize what kinda time it will take to construct it. I want to help people ultimately to better thier game experience and keep thier own personal bases safer. I know I cannot satify everyone, but I do hope a few of you are happy with what you learned and what you modified for your own designs. Thanks from Titanshield Gaming!*

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ARK PVP Building TIPS #15 - The War Dock! [Titanshield Gaming]
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