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LCD TV Repair Tutorial - LCD TV Parts Overview, Common Symptoms & Solutions - How to Fix LCD TVs

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Repair review of common LCD TV Problems and Repair\r
Click Here for LCD TV PARTS: \r
This video is designed to be a guide for testing and troubleshooting your TV repair. Please note that other complications may exist that arent addressed in this guide. While we always strive to provide accurate and detailed information, we cant guarantee that it will fix your TVs issues. \r
*Warranty & Shipping Prices May Vary. Please see Product Page on our website for more information!*\r
We are going to be giving a general overview of LCD TV Repair in this video and we are going to be taking a look at the different components in LCD TVs and what can go wrong with the components and the symptoms they will show and how to diagnose the problems and how to get them fixed. \r
Before beginning work, be sure you have unplugged the TV from any power source and that you are properly grounded. \r
Remove all the screws for the back cover of the TV.\r
Remove the back panel of the TV.\r
Identify different parts of the TV. Power supply takes in and distributes power throughout the TV.\r
Main board typically manages all inputs and outputs for your video and sound. \r
Backlight Inverter controls your CCFLs and the light source for the TV.\r
T-con board connects the video from the main board to the panel through the LVDS cable. \r
Not every TV is the ex same. \r
There are two different levels of TV repair, component level repair and board replacement repair. \r
The first thing that could go wrong with the power supply is that the TV will not turn on. Be sure your outlet works and then begin to diagnose the issue and either check components or replace your power supply board. \r
Some common problems on these power supply boards are bad capacitors with bulgy caps or leaking fluid. \r
The first sign that the main board could have a problem is if you do not have an image on the screen. Be sure your source video is working correctly. Either replace the problem components on the board or replace the entire board. \r
The t-con board could show a problem symptom if you are able to hear the show on your screen, but you cannot see the image, there is most likely a problem with your t-con board. The t-con is also known for causing vertical colored lines or half of your screen not having an image. \r
Backlight inverter problem symptoms turn on the TV and the image only shows for a second and then the image goes black, or if you have a flickering image on your screen it could be the backlight inverter that is causing this problem. \r
TV Repair Made Easy™\r
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LCD TV Repair Tutorial - LCD TV Parts Overview, Common Symptoms & Solutions - How to Fix LCD TVs
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