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The eyes are the mirrors of one's personality

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VTR: Hello, I am Kerem. What is the first thing that you notice about a woman you first meet?

ADNAN OKTAR: A woman's eyes tell everything about her. Is she wise or not? The flair of passion in her eyes is an indicator of her wisdom. The power of profundity in her eyes is an indicator of her soul's capacity. When you are able to tell her personality from her eyes, speaking with her usually only confirms your intuitions. If she is a wise, level-headed, coherent, conscientious, intelligent, patient, classy, broad-minded and artistic woman, her eyes will reflect all of these qualities in their entire splendor one after another.  But a high-quality person, a high-quality woman is a rare occurrence. Such people are actually in minority. People are, for the most part, average. They are only concerned about salvaging the day. For example, they wear casual clothes merely to keep warm or for the sole purpose of wearing something. They wear shoes only to be able to walk easily. They are not concerned with the care of their hair. They see it as another problem to deal with. They occasionally wash it. They even see combing it as a waste of time. They are only concerned with eating. Eating and sleeping. They spend most of their days sleeping for hours on end. They do not find it enough to sleep even 15 hours. They easily sleep 17-18 hours a day. They eat wherever they see food. They do not have any purpose or aim. Such a life is indeed terrifying. But young girls are mostly forced into living such lives. Because being attractive and well-groomed all the time is considered a sin in people's eyes. Their brothers, fathers, uncles, aunts all reproach these girls when they do so. They present well-groomed and clean girls as if they are committing an illicit act. They never accept it when these girls look attractive, beautiful and glamorous. They consider such girls a potential threat.
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The eyes are the mirrors of one's personality
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