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Stickman Museum Robbery Escape - Android Gameplay HD

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Stickman Museum Robbery Escape by GENtertainment Studios \r
Stickman is decided to rob the museum because he just wants to become rich. You are going to help the stickman in his mission. You have been attacked by grinches. You must fight with them. But fighting needs energy. You must keep your energy level high.\r
Guards of museum are alert, laser fence is on your way, try to avoid them. You must get ready to fight with dinos and cavemen and move forward according to the directions. Magical skull can turn statues alive. Cavemen and dino cannot die magical staff can freeze them temporary. More ancient creatures are getting alive. Do not go near to them.\r
Help the stickman in this challenging escape missions.\r
- Challenging Missions!\r
- Direction map and Hints!\r
- Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!\r
- Amazing museum Environment to explore!\r
- Interesting Scenarios to complete!\r
Download link -

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Stickman Museum Robbery Escape - Android Gameplay HD
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