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FROZEN KIT KAT Cake w/ Marshmallow Olaf & Frozen Icicle Jelly Beans! Easy! Inspired by Disney Movie

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Do you want to build a snowman? Here we show you how to make an Olaf Kit-Kat cake two different ways. This is a super easy and fun ingredients This is a DIY tutorial on how to do it yourself. Using yummy ingredients such as Kit Kats, sparkling Frozen Icicle Jelly Beans and marshmallows! Serve one of these Frozen cakes to your next Frozen party! Fun Ingredents & Easy To Do! Inspired by Disney Movie\r
FROZEN KIT KAT Cake w/ Marshmallow Olaf & Disney Frozen Icicle Mix Jelly Beans!\r
standard white cake \r
bundt cake form \r
big batch of white vanilla frosting \r
aqua-blue frosting \r
10 drops of blue food coloring \r
white chocolate Kit Kat bars (about 12 to 14 Kit Kat bars)\r
four cups of Frozen jelly bellies \r
candy or cookie stick \r
a white cake board \r
edible black marker \r
a spatula for the icing \r
black icing in a tube \r
a pair of scissors \r
stringy-black licorice \r
a jumbo-size marshmallow \r
eye candy\r
corn candy \r
a tiny little piece of marshmallow \r
a standard-size marshmallow \r
jumbo-size marshmallow \r
two pieces of mini-marshmallows\r
fine tip edible black marker \r
pretty ribbon \r
My mother (Karen Grete) and I are so excited to make our first Kitkat Cake celebrating theFrozen. Being Scandinavian we wanted to celebrate theFrozen as it has many Scandinavian references such as Hans Christian Andersen and Norway. Also we enjoyed all of the charers in theincluding Olaf, Princess Elsa and Princess Anna, Prince Hans, iceman Kristoff, reindeer Sven, and of course the kingdom Arendelle.Ice lolly pops blocks\r
If you like the video, please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel Scandinavian Today. Our channel has videos including\r
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These recipes are perfect for the holiday season. Please let us know what you think! Glædelig Jul and Merry Christmas♥ !\r
Ice lolly pop blocks\r
Our Scandinavian recipes including Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish are on \r
By Danish Cook Karen Grete\r
Follow us either on Twitter @scandinavtoday, Blogger, Google+, Google Pages, Pinterest and Subscribe to our YouTube Chanel Scandinavian Today! Lets get cooking Scandinavian foods!

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FROZEN KIT KAT Cake w/ Marshmallow Olaf & Frozen Icicle Jelly Beans! Easy! Inspired by Disney Movie
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