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How To Cook 3 | Tomato Sauce For Pizza | Very Easy | Sauce for Pizza

il y a 11 mois7 views

HOW : ACTION ONE (3XP) (Preparation and Cooking) : Preparation and cooking of the sauce
Step 1 (1XP) : 0:14
Step 2 (3XP) : 0:19 (You can use powdered garlic and basil dry) (Stir the sauce regularly)

⚠️ Remove the garlic clove before filling the pizzas
⚠️ Think of putting the sauce at low temperature

Difficulty : Very Easy (Level 1)
Skills : No special skills
Senses : Vision To Touch Proprioception Equilibrioception Smell ♨️ Thermoception
Intelligences : ⛹️ Kinesthetic Body Intelligence
Intelligence Logic Mathematics

Tools :
⚒ A pan
⚒ A wooden spoon (Wood is not necessarily required)
⚒ A lid

Ingredients ( Recipe) : 3 Pizzas
Olive Oil (0,09L) (9g) (81 Calories)
Tomato Concentrate (4g) (3 Calories) #Optional
Garlic (A Clove) (6g) (6 Calories)
Tomato Sauce [Luisa, Italian Peeled Tomatoes in Tomato Juice] (0,800L) (134 Calories) (You can use fresh tomatoes instead)
Basil (4 Leaves) (8 Calories)
Oregano (4g) (10 Calories)
Pepper (1g) (3 Calories)
Salt (3g) (0 Calories)
⚠️ Mix the pepper, the salt ... etc According to your taste
⚠️ Chop basil and oregano if it's not the case

⚠️ Consider nutrient intake of ingredients and of calories.

⚠️ Do not hesitate to convert the units of measurements indicated in the description. If you are using other units of measurement.

⚠️ The indications in the description are not all exhaustive and are not all a standard. Many items may vary depending on each.

⚠️ The ingredients and tools are not a standard. Make according to your taste and the means that you have at disposal.

✍How to Cook {3} Step by Step
: Tomato Sauce For Pizza
: Sauce for Pizza
: Sauce Galaxy
✨ : Cooking Universe ()
Type : Cooking a sauce
Style : Cook a Tomato Sauce for Pizza
Language : International ( description and steps in English, but comprehensible by the whole world)

️ You can use your playlists as filters, to find what you're looking for exactly (Download the application if you want a more exhaustive list) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb1N-vNT8Y1-qx0PdlvLRpg/playlists

2 Steps
1 Action
✔ 4XP
Need 3 Tools
Need 8 Ingredients (1#Optional)
245 Calories (About) For One Pizza = 82 Calories
Dosage (Weight) (About) : (3 Pizzas - 830g) 1 Pizza = 277g
How many people : 3 Pizzas - 3-5 Persons (Main meal)
⏱️ Preparation Time : 35 Minutes Minimum - 2 Hours Maximum
6 Senses
3 Intelligences

Cook by Carmen !!
Filmed by LG : Samsung Galaxy S7
Posted by LG
Video made by LG (Windows Movie Maker 2017)
♬ Music Used (No Copyright) : Etoile - Theme 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_5z60PLkF8&t=162s
© Etoile No Copyright (Recipe and Music)

⚠️ The description may no longer be up to date. Due to human discoveries and improvements. Pay attention to the date of publication and creation. Even works of art suffer the outrages of time

❓ WHY : Learn how to cook a Tomato Sauce For Pizza

WHERE : Pontault Combault ( France)

WHEN : 29 September 2017
⌚ Duration : 2 Hours Minimum (Not advisor) ~ 24 Hours Maximum
⚠️ The duration depends on the performance and tools used by the author. That is why this is indicated from the minimum to the maximum

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How To Cook 3 | Tomato Sauce For Pizza | Very Easy | Sauce for Pizza
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