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wd external hard drive not recognized | data recovery promo

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For the month of OCT 2016 we are offering flat rate data guaranteed services on all WD 2.5 external USB hard drives. Clicking, beeping, non-spinning, and other types of failures causing your device to not get recognized are all treated under the same insanely low price of $400USD. This offer only available in October of 2016. Instructions:\r
How to start?\r
text or call 855.366.4232 and ask for details.\r
pack up your hard drive in bubble wrap and include the note with:\r
- your name\r
- your phone number\r
- your email\r
- your return address\r
Where to send the hard drive?\r
HDD Recovery Services\r
666 Kirkwood Ave, Suite B101\r
Ottawa, ON\r
K1Z 5X9\r
Which company to use for shipping?\r
USPS, Fedex, or UPS with tracking number\r
How much will it cost to recover my data?\r
$400USD only in case of successful recovery, and if we cant recover it then you pay nothing\r
How successful are you with these drives?\r
We recovery over 95% of all Western Digital hard drives that come in\r
How long does it take?\r
ETA is 4-5 business days upon arrival.\r
When would I need to pay?\r
After the case is finished\r
Will I get a report on the recovered data prior to paying?\r
How will the data be returned to me?\r
You can supply your own empty hard drive, or we can get one for you at cost. If you have less than 60GB of data, we can use our Cloud services for free delivery.\r
Why are you having a promotion for these hard drives?\r
We are about to hit 5000 Subscribers here on YouTube, and to celebrate we are rolling out this amazing offer to say thanks to all of you for your support.\r
Website: \r
Facebook: \r
This Video: \r

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wd external hard drive not recognized | data recovery promo
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