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Frozen Anna Dates Beauty and The Beast Prince Adam With Belle, Hans, Aladdin

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Episode 4: Prince Adam dates Frozen Anna, but gives her a monstrous surprise. Guest starring Belle, Evil Queen and Aladdin.\r
Frozen Anna has a new date with the mysterious Prince Adam. Their date starts in the enchanted gardens of Arendelle. But while Anna answers the call to nature, Prince Adam slips into some beastly behavior. Belle, also from The Beauty And The Beast, arrives on scene and scolds Adam for eating the plants. This unleashes Prince Adams Beast within, and he scares Belle away!\r
Next, the romantic couple check out Arendelles book store. Frozen Anna goes off to read diet books, whilst Adam looks for books on magic and spells. Finding a title on animal transformations, Adam fights over the book with the Evil Queen. After a bit of sparring, Prince Adam once again returns to his beastly roots, and freaks out the Evil Queen! Anna begins to suspect something is wrong with her date, but he quickly moves her to a new location.\r
Finally, the date ends up at the same location that Kristoff and Cinderella choose for their first date -- Arendelles tavern. Aladdin servers them refreshments, but he fails to bring a miniature umbrella for Prince Adams drink. This sets off beast mode again. This time, Anna sees the truth for herself, and runs off. She ponders asking Kristoff for a second chance. At least he doesnt turn into a raging beast every time he gets upset!\r
Watch the whole : \r
Toys used in this video: Disney Classic 12 inch Dolls: Frozen Anna, Hans, Cinderella, Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast (Prince Adam and Belle), Evil Queen, Maleficent.\r
Monster High Art Class Accessory Pack by Mattel.\r
Item model number: BDD83\r
“Two Finger Johnnyby Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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Frozen Anna Dates Beauty and The Beast Prince Adam With Belle, Hans, Aladdin
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