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Could You Survive with NO PILOT??? - Passenger tries landing a plane with ZERO experience.

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Season 2, Episode 12\r
Does anyone here know how to land a plane?\r
How many s and TV shows ask us this question? Its time to find out if someone thrown into the cockpit with ZERO flying experience can land a plane safely and save their own life.\r
Hey, did you guys know that the FAA ually certifies flight instructors to tell you everything that I try to convey in these videos? You should definitely talk to one of them instead of trusting some video you found on the internet, because who am I to tell you how to fly? Im just a pilot sharing my experiences with the world, and these videos are not meant to be instructional or advisory in any respect.\r
For a full explanation of this disclaimer, see: friendlyskiesfilm.com/s\r
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Could You Survive with NO PILOT??? - Passenger tries landing a plane with ZERO experience.
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