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Top Gravity Falls Conspiracies (w/ Lewtoons) - Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 66) @ChannelFred

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Top Gravity Falls Conspiracies\r
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“Gravity Falls” is one of the most mysterious shows probably ever (cartoon or otherwise), with so many secrets hidden in eachthat you probably never noticed they were even there! Thats why weve teamed up with the ever observant Lewtoons to count down the top conspiracies of “Gravity Falls”! When you see all the hidden messages and easter eggs that were hidden in plain sight, youll just have to go back and watch the show over again! So get ready, because this week “Cartoon Conspiracy” is cracking the case of “Gravity Falls” wide open!\r
Welcome to Cartoon Conspiracy! Dive into the mysteries and fan theories of all things animation with your host Emily as she takes a critical look at how the theories hold up. \r
What conspiracy should we cover next? Leave a comment below or email us at (frederatorconspiracy@gmail.com)\r
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Cast & Crew Credits\r
Starring: Emily Carson\r
Directed by: Emily Carson, Christian Alvarez\r
Written by: Emily Carson\r
Executive Producer: Fred Seibert\r
Producer: Jake Krengel, Matt Gielen, Carrie Miller\r
Edited by: James Weber\r
Background Art by: Matt Bolinger\r
Graphics by: Ambar Del Moral & James Weber\r
Music provided by:\r
Way Out There: caramusic\r
Freedom: caramusic\r
Atmospheric Calm: OrchestralComposer \r
You Should See Us From Up Here:CreatedNorDestroyed\r
Sad Piano 1: FullScore\r
Original Theory: \r
Channel Frederator is cartoon central on the Internet. \r
Remember: Frederator loves you.\r
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Top Gravity Falls Conspiracies (w/ Lewtoons) - Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 66) @ChannelFred
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