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Deep Fried Mushrooms Recipe - Crispy Breaded Version !

il y a 11 mois20 views



Deep fried mushrooms recipe ! Super Crispy ! Super Crunchy ! How to make deep fried mushrooms, this is a complete step by step video, shot in hd from start to finish. This version is my crunchy breaded deep fried mushrooms. Im using Italian breadcrumbs in this recipe. Follow along as I show you just how easy it is !\r
My oil is at 375 degrees F\r
I will be making another version of my deep fried mushrooms in the near future, which do NOT use any breading ( bread crumbs), but are equally as great !\r
HD Video Link At The End Of This Video:\r
How To Make PRETZEL BITES Recipe !\r
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Deep Fried Mushrooms Recipe - Crispy Breaded Version !
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