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[Twin Peaks] Season 3 Episode 6 Q&A | Question and Answer from Part 6 Recap and Review

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Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 Q&A from Recap and Review comments. Twin Peaks the Return Part 6 questions answered.\r
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Twin Peaks s3 part 6 recap & review - \r
Twin Peaks The Return part 6 brought up a lot of questions from viewers and we got through the most asked that we saw in the comments and try to answer them. \r
Some of the questions about Twin Peaks s3 e6 were:\r
When will Agent Cooper go back to normal?\r
How did evil Coop create the original Dougie Jones?\r
Whats up with Diane?\r
When will they introduce Audrey Horne, Big Ed, and Doc Hayward?\r
What did Dougie Coops drawings mean?\r
Was the electrical sound we heard after the hit and run the same one the Giant played for Agent Cooper?\r
And many more.\r
In Twin Peaks the Return Part 6 we saw the stories move along for several charers. Richard Horne, Dougie Coop, Janey-E Jones, Ike The Spike, Carl Rodd, Red, and Hawk all play big parts. We also get two big reveals as to who the woman Gordon Cole and Albert wanted to talk about Cooper to was, and what the Log Lady meant when she told Hawk something was missing that had to do with his heritage and only he could find it.\r
We also catch up with Deputy Chad, Sheriff Frank Truman, Doris Truman, and many other returning Twin Peaks charers. We meet new charers including Mickey, and Miriam. We learn a little bit more of the chinese synthetic drugs coming into Twin Peaks from Canada, and that Carl Rodd has some sort of power we didnt realize. We see the Fat Trout Trailer park in its new location outside of Twin Peaks itself.\r
Agent Cooper is still living in Dougie Jones life but seems to making progress back to his old self. This may need to happen soon because different groups are trying to kill Dougie Coop at the moment.\r
Where do you think things are headed in Twin Peaks Season 3?\r
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[Twin Peaks] Season 3 Episode 6 Q&A | Question and Answer from Part 6 Recap and Review
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