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Delphinas Tribute To the Spacetime Studios Community

il y a 11 mois0 views



I wanted to take the time to thank you all for being such a great community:) You truly turned my job into a such an awesome experience that it became more than just work to me. Memories have filled my heart with a lifetime of warmth that will stay with me forever:)\r
I have been watching the forums as I am always watching and have enjoyed reading all of your goodbye messages. They were very touching and have brought quite a few tears to my eyes.\r
Just remember that we are all share the same passion for these games and that ties us together as a family. We should all treat each other as such.\r
I leave you with what words alone cannot express and that is the memories of the things we have shared together. This video speaks from my heart. I miss you all!

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Delphinas Tribute To the Spacetime Studios Community
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