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Hot Glue Mold Tutorial

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Items required\r
1. Hot glue gun - Art Friend/Popular\r
2. Hot glue stick refils - Art Friend/Popular/Daiso\r
3. Baking paper - NTUC/SKP\r
4. Cabochon you want to make a mold out of\r
I hope this is useful. Please be careful of the melted hot glue and the heated glue gun, it is really really hot. Get your parent to help you if you are too young. Also wait for the glue to cool before removing your cabochon. Best is to wait til it fully cools down (after 15 minutes would be safe).\r
As for methods of making the mold, some people pump out hot glue first then push their cabochon into the glue.. I put the cabochon facing up and pump glue on top. Maybe the other method will not produce as much air bubbles.. If you do try both ways and find out which one is better, do tell me :) Sharing is caring! :3\r
NOTE : THIS MOLD DOES NOT WORK FOR WORK THAT USES HEAT - i.e. molten metals, hot glue charms etc Reason being - the heat will melt the hot glue mold. Hot glue can be melted and remolded if you have the patience, like candles :) So do not put your clay in and bake the charm with the mold in the oven! It WILL melt!\r
This method doesnt ensure you the best mold or give you the best details. This is just a cheaper alternative for those who cannot afford mold putty(like me) or cant find mold putty around their area.

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Hot Glue Mold Tutorial
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