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Giant Makeup Palette Organizers $6 D.I.Y Tutorial

2 года назад|2 просмотров
Need more ideas to store your makeup? Look no further cause this video is for you! In this tutorial, Ill be showing you how to create these big makeup palette organizers. They can hang all your wall, giving you more space and storage in your room. I mainly used Dollar Tree products to create these palettes. It cost me a total of $6 to create them. I dont ever include the price of glue, rulers, box cutters, scissors etc in my final pricing for a D.I.Y because lots of people already own these things. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. Thanks for watching.\r
Products needed:\r
White Foam Board \r
2 Plastic Bins\r
Picture Hanging Kit (nail and wire used)\r
Box Cutter\r
Glue \r
Printed Image (Optional)\r
Clear String\r
Paint Brushes\r
Brownish Red, Black and Metallic Gold Paint

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