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Georges Brassens - The Best of Georges Brassens | French Music & Songs

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Georges Brassens was a French singer-songwriter and poet.
He wrote and sang, with his guitar, more than a hundred of his poems, as well as texts from many others such as Victor Hugo, Paul Verlaine, or Louis Aragon. In 1967, he received the Grand Prix de Poésie of the Académie française.
Between 1952 and 1976, he recorded fourteen albums that include several popular French songs such as Les copains d'abord, Chanson pour l'Auvergnat, La mauvaise réputation, and Mourir pour des idées. Most of his texts are black humour-tinged and often anarchist-minded.


01. Georges Brassens – La Mauvais Herbe 00:00
02. Georges Brassens – Chanson Pour l’Auvergnat 02:49
03. Georges Brassens – Le Gorille 05:52
04. Georges Brassens – Les Amoreux Des Bancs Publics 09:10
05. Georges Brassens – Ballade Des temps Du Temps Jadis 12:12
06. Georges Brassens – Putain De Toi 14:17
07. Georges Brassens – La Mauvaise Réputation 17:01
08. Georges Brassens – La Legende de la Nonne 19:14
09. Georges Brassens – Pauvre Martin 22:25
10. Georges Brassens – Aupres de Mon Arbre 24:00
11. Georges Brassens – Le Vent 27:07
12. Georges Brassens – Il N-y a Pas d’Amour Hereux 28:23

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