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Retiring and Living in Style in Thailand on $700 Per Month

2 yıl önce|10 görüntüleme
My lifestyle in Thailand has improved to $700 a month. I want to make this video as a guide to show people what it is like to live in Thailand on a cheap lifestyle. I still live in a room that cost $120 per month and still cook a lot of my own food but I have more money to spend on other things. Thailand is a country that you can retire and live in very cheaply. If you are a digital nomad the same thing can be done. I think it offers the most value for the dollar than any place in the world.

It doesn't mean that some things are not expensive or there are not rip offs. But I want to show you in my videos how to avoid those traps and get the most out of life in Thailand.

Note that these costs are for living here for some set amount of time. Things will be more expensive if you are travelling and staying in hotels. Still even then travelling here can be much cheaper relative to other countries.

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