Peppa Pig Harriet Hippo Five Little Monkeys - best app games for kids - Philip

  • 7 years ago
Five little monkeys jumping on the bed - its counting training for children. Kids songs - one of the best formats for educational games for children - is counting in a light and fun way to teach your child to count to five. And in this app we can help our beloved Harriet Hippo and her friends.\r
Harriet Hippo and friends also loves kids songs and the cheerful company has decided to not only sing, but also a jump to the music! Harriet Hippo and her friends are the five little monkeys jumping on the bed. \r
Kids songs helps kids quickly memorize, and therefore your child will quickly learn to count. Five little monkeys jumping on the bed is the best song in the English language to teach kids to count to five.\r
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