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Tips, Tricks and Ideas with Semi Solid Platforms in Super Mario Maker!

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Semi Solid Platforms are really unique items in Super Mario Maker as most Mario Maker obstacles are able to inter with things, but semi solid platforms arent! Actually they literally do nothing. They are just some alternate ground tiles which cant be put on tracks. Nevertheless I was curious if there are some unique tips, tricks and ideas possible with them in Super Mario Maker and as it turns out, there are!\r
Heres the ID to the amazing stage shown in the video, I highly recommend you to play this level, its a fantastic one!\r
RagnarokX - [1YMM] Camouflage Crystal Cave\r
ID: 5224-0000-02A6-8B95\r
You can find more information about the amazing 1 year mario maker project [1YMM], and all the great levels here:\r
------------------------Credits for the Music:-----------------------\r
Meanwhile in Bavaria, Adventure Meme, “Overworld“, “Dangerous”, “Anachronist”\r
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)\r
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0\r

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Tips, Tricks and Ideas with Semi Solid Platforms in Super Mario Maker!
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