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In My Arms

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Maleficent and Aurora are just precious! ^-^\r
My Glob! I cried rivers over this!! This song is enough to make a mess out of me, but together with these two ladies it is capable of great destruction of my feels. (TT__TT) Their relationship is simply beautiful!\r
I have never done anything like this before (a music video with only the original footage from one ), but when I heard this song after watching Maleficent I felt a huge need to make this. It was just too precious! \r
It was both hard and easy (took just a few hours to complete). The easy part is that you dont have to create anything new, all the material you need is already there. The hard part however is that there is almost 2 hours worth of footage and you can only use 4 minutes of it. You have to be super picky and sacrifice wonderful scenes/shots (lets be honest guys, thisis stunning to look at!) in order not to make it seem too cramped and forced.\r
And you may also notice that I am a absolute sucker for long contemplating stares and huge bright smiles. XD\r
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In My Arms
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