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Breakneck | [4K] GTA V Short Film

l’année dernière1 views



This video was heavily inspired by some of my favoritecar chases. Everything was recorded in singleplayer using a couple of mods and some modified game code I did myself. I scrapped all of the in game audio and mixed the soundtrack from the ground up one sound effect at a time. Over 1100+ individual sounds make up the soundtrack and 147 GB of in-game footage was recorded. I hope everyone enjoys the video and let me know what you thought about it below.\r
If you enjoyed this then check out my my Battlefield machinima: \r
Car Used: \r
Special thanks to the GTA Forums mod community.\r
Mods Used:\r
Native Trainer by Alexander Blade\r
Bodyguard Menu by jedijosh920

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Breakneck | [4K] GTA V Short Film
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