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Permanent Eyebrows with Tattoo Makeup | The SASS with Susan and Sharzad

2 года назад|4 просмотров
Its not too often that tattoo makeup looks natural. It can look too thick, be the wrong color, have the wrong shape, the list goes on and on. In f, most of the time, we suggest that people dont get permanent makeup. That was until we met Dominique Bossavy. Shes coined the term micro-color infusion because she has perfected a special technique to create semi-permanent makeup that looks natural. Watch the latestof The SASS with Susan Yara and Sharzad Kiadeh to see the results of their eyebrows! \r
Cont Dominique Bossavy in NYC, LA and Paris: \r
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Susan Yara: Instagram.com/susanyara\r
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Sharzad Kiadeh: \r
Susan Yara: \r
Thanks for watching!\r
*This treatment was comped. We take the time to research and learn about any treatment, procedure, and expert BEFORE we create a video for The SASS and Mixed Makeup. Everything we say in this show is our own opinion.

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