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Roman Emperor AUGUSTUS 27BC 14AD Ancient Coins Collection and Guide

2 years ago|0 view for the ARTICLE to the video showing the coins.Original video here: TO SEE ALL MY COINSSEE MORE Videos LIKE THIS one here: this video I discuss the various types of ancient coins that the first Roman emperor Augustus issued. There are also coin shown with him and Mark Antony as Octavian, also with him and Lepidus. The sister of Augustus, Octavia is shown and there is a special coin in regards to their marriage is shown. Below is a list of all the ancient Roman coins shown from my store. You can search for each with the title:AUGUSTUS 9BC Ancient Roman Coin Clasped hands w caduceus Commerce symbol i18796AUGUSTUS Genuine 27BC Edessa in Macedonia Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i33917Marcus Ambibulus Jerusalem Biblical Jesus Time Roman Coin Under Augustus i38851CLAUDIUS Philippi Julius Caesar & Augustus Statues Ancient Roman Coin i40538Augustus 4BC Ancient Authentuc RARE Roman Coin Around garlanded altar i40689AUGUSTUS Pergamum Mysia 4AD Proconsul Silvanus of Asia Rare Roman Coin i40778Augustus 27BC LAODICEIA in PHRYGIA Zeus Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i50081AUGUSTUS Carthago Nova Spain Sacrificial Implements Ancient Roman Coin i52670AUGUSTUS 8BC Caesaraugusta Spain Semis Vexillum Ancient Roman Coin i52776Augustus & Rhoemetalkes Client King of Thrace 11BC Ancient Roman Coin i55548AUGUSTUS 27BC Philippi Macedonia Colonists Founding City Oxen Roman Coin i55852ZENODORUS & Octavian Augustus 30BC Chalcis in Coele Ancient Roman Coin i57965AUGUSTUS Calagurris Spain Authentic BIBLICAL Time Ancient Roman Coin Bull i58017AUGUSTUS 25BC Asian Possibly Ephesus Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Wreath i58040AUGUSTUS 27BC Thessalonica Macedonia Wreath Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i58267AUGUSTUS Victory Over Julius Caesar Assassins Brutus & Cassius R

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