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  • 7 years ago
In this version of Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster PC Game you are going to experience the scariest nightmare. This game is a remastered version of the game and it provides the backstory of the famous Resident Evil game franchise. The developers have worked very hard to embellish the already made atmosphere of Resident Evil to make it exciting HD game. It is provided with the best visuals and the sound technology is also improved. You will get the spectacular view of the event which long before started the Resident Evil Saga.

The storyline is just amazing in which you see that you are in the year 1998, there have been reports that there is trail of murders in the Raccoon City. Now the Special Forces of the Raccoon City send their Bravo Team to investigate. On their way the Helicopter gets problems and they are forced to Crash landing. You will be controlling Rebecca and Billy all the way in the game by switching in the game. Altogether you will be extremely pleased playing this game.

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