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BOAT PARKING HD Best Android Games and iOSGames new/new(iPhone - iPad - iPod Touch)\r
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Drive a car, truck, or bus is certainly very fun, however, have you ever tried to park a boat? With the inherent inertia in movement in the water, things are much more complicated, but particularly fun.\r
Boat Parking in HD, take control of a great little boat and fight your way through a crowded harbor say.\r
It is of course not necessary to have a boating license to play our game parking boat, just a recent smartphone to enjoy the pleasures of sailing at sea\r
Remember, before you start playing HD Boat parking, a boat driver in a completely different way than a car. Indeed, where a car brakes in an instant thanks to the friction of the wheels produced on the tarmac, a boat launched at low speed take much more time to stabilize its speed and not move through inertia.\r
Strengths of our game BOAT PARKING HD:\r
- 20 Levels with progressive difficulty\r
- Realistic physics of a boat\r
- HD Graphics\r
-Location different parking at each level\r
- Very beautiful yachts to admire during the game\r
- Optimized for smartphones not very powerful\r
This game has been tested on:\r
- Nexus 7 google\r
- Nexus 4\r
- Samsung S2\r
- Samsung S3\r
- Samsung S4\r
- Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0\r
- Wiko cink king\r
- Five Wiko Cink\r
- 4 core Meizu MX\r
- Archos Gamepad 2\r
- JXD S7300B