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Tubes of Wonder Watercolor + Pen & Ink Time-Lapse Illustration - JeffJag

2 года назад|0 просмотр
- Support my art and buy a print.\r
If youd like to buy a print or poster of this illustration the links above will take you there. \r
The process was really just going back and forth between watercolor and pen as I went, in my familiar abstr style. It was created spontaneously, from scratch, as you can see in the drawing. It starts with a splash of watercolor and goes from there. \r
This is a bit of an experiment with a new take on two of my favorite media: Ink and watercolor. I used Copic Multiliner SP pigment-based pens with Dr. Ph. Martins liquid watercolors to get such vibrant color. \r
The paper is from a pad of Strathmore Mixed Media 30090lb. paper. Its 11 x 14 and comes in pads of 40 sheets. Its nice and thick and holds up well to the washes I used in this work. Other than Arches water color paper (which I use for straight watercolor painting), Strathmore is by far my favorite brand of drawing paper. I use their recycled paper products pretty often as well. \r
Its also a time-lapse video! The illustration was started on August 21st new, which I continued on the 22nd, 24th, and finished on the 27th. A rough estimate is that I spent around 5-6 hours working on it, all told. Pen illustrations, and mixed-media drawings like this one take a lot less time than larger some of my watercolor paintings, which are painted on paper at least twice the size of this sheet.\r
The audio track is me singing along to the video while watching a test render, with a bunch of random audio filters thrown on it. I did not make a serious attempt at songwriting, it is just me making noises because I got a bit bored of doing narrations

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