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Avabel Online - The perfect start up as rogue!

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Hello everyone! In todays video for Avabel Online Ill be talking about how to prepare yourself as a rogue! For those whom arent already rogues or are looking for tips, this video is for you! Hope you enjoy!\r
Edit: You need 100,000 to unlock advance class not 1,000,000!\r
Q: What application do you use to record?\r
A: AZ screen recorder.\r
Q: What mobile device/platform do you use to play Avabel Online?\r
A: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.\r
Q: Is your phone rooted?\r
A: No.\r
Q: What classes have you mastered on Rogue?\r
A: Storm Raider, Debuster, Raven and Raiden.\r
Q:Whats the fastest way to acquire JEXP in Avabel?\r
A: Rush for daily 10.000 kills every day.\r
Please Ignore or flag spam, negative, or hateful comments. Were here to have a good time. Thanks! I hope you all enjoy :)\r
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the ost or songs, all rights go to their respectful owners!

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Avabel Online - The perfect start up as rogue!
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