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Pistachio Cake with Rose Frosting | Mini Cakes

hace 2 años|4 views
Pretty little mini cakes with pistachio cake and rose flavored frosting a delicious flavor combination.\r
Special cake for Eid Celebrations.\r
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Less Sweet Buttercream Frosting: \r
Makes 2-3 mini cakes\r
Pistachio Cake\r
90 grams (2/3 cup) all purpose flour\r
1tsp Baking powder\r
¼ tsp Salt\r
35 grams ( ¼ cup) Ground Pistachio\r
60 grams ( ¼ cup) Unsalted butter (room temperature)\r
100 (½ cup) Granulated sugar\r
½ tsp Lime zest\r
½ tsp Vanilla extr\r
1 Large egg (room temperature)\r
120 ml (½ cup) Milk (room temperature)\r
Few drops of Green food colouring (optional)\r
Bake at 180C for 12-13 mins\r
Circle cutter for cake 2.5 inches in diameter \r
Rose Buttercream Frosting\r
75 grams ( 1/3 cup) Softened Butter (Salted/Unsalted)\r
1.5 Tbsp All purpose flour\r
65 grams ( 1/3 cup) Granulated Sugar\r
80 ml ( 1/3 cup) Whole Milk\r
1 tsp Vanilla Extr\r
¾ tsp Rose Water\r
Few drops Pink food colouring (optional)\r
Grey Fondant/Gumpaste\r
Silver Glitter

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