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Speedpaint - Pixel art Waterfall outro/intro screen animation

hace 2 años|0 vista
Hi! Im presently in England, on holiday. My arm is all healed and I have free time for the first time in ages. Söo I made this, its going to go into an intro pack so people will be able to buy this as an intro or outro screen eventually, along with other neat designs and animations when I get to them, same goes for the little tree transition near the end C: Anyway hope you guys enjoy this one, the graphics are a bit different cause Im not using my normal work station.\r
I have shirts theyre pretty C: \r
Tutorial books: \r
Digital Tutorial books and transitions: \r
Music: Vindsvept\r
Artwork is 100% my own please do not take or use without my permission. Do no repost without permission, edit or claim as your own.\r
My Twitter : \r
Twitch: \r
Commission details: \r
Email me for commissions: amybinoftrash@gmail.com\r
Patreon: \r
Programs used: \r
Photoshop cs6\r
Surface pro 4 - my travel tablet. \r
OBS [to record] \r
Premiere Pro [to edit]