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Various Artists - Meditation Music | Relax Mind Body, Positive Energy Music, Relaxing Music

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Meditation Music | Relax Mind Body, Positive Energy Music, Relaxing Music

01. Five Elements 00:00
02. Muladhara 09:33
03. The Creative Principle 17:16
04. The Origin of Sound 31:47
05. The Receptive Principle 47:45
06. Svadhistana 01:02:58
07. The Creative Sound 01:11:51
08. The Oracle 01:29:53
09. The Breaking Bite 01:41:35
10. Manipura 01:57:14
11. Man’ Sound Essence 02:08:46
12. Silent Pulse 02:25:10
13. Before the Accomplishment 02:42:45
14. Anahata 02:58:28
15. The Image of Time 03:05:07
16. The Individual Sound 03:29:40
17. Vishudda 03:45:35
18. Ajna 03:56:06
19. Sahasrara 04:04:23

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