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1 f 2 Mossad's MKULTRA abductions follow up threats for ZIOFASCIST failiure

Bastian Auser
Mossad have a great sense for humor. They abduct, torture, and come back to bully believing that state diagnosis(on behalf of Slovenian Borut Pahor) of paranoid schizophrenia in victim which was used to torture one even more gives them the right to do so. I reveal bestial torture methods used under MKULTRA and point out partially collaborators of mossad in Slovenia that have involved my own family.

Killing us for the sake of Israel is what we basically have now going in our countries as our politicians(on left and right and everything in between) heavily over represent Jews in our governments via ZIOFASCISM !!! Total betrayal of our white nations and world alone !!! THIS IS BESTIALIA UNHEARD AND UNSEEN OFF IN THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN KIND WHICH IS LEADING US TOWARD SELF EXTERMINATION(ARMAGEDON) AS EXPLAINED IN VIDEO.

According to mossad scenario, either assassination or transfer to Israel is ready for me as a revenge for non acceptance of ZIOFASCISM via all new American ambassador appointed to Slovenia whose name is Kelly Roberts(involved in MKULTRA torture and recommended to US Gov. for ambassador position by Melania Trump - spouse from Donald J. Kushner Trump who is from same hometown Novo mesto as I am).
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