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5 years ago

Focusun Direct system block ice machine (25kg/block)

Icemachine Focusun
Equipment Features:
Pneumatic crawler conveying system, maximizing the protection to the ice blocks during harvesting.
Aerospace technology level special aluminum, outstanding durability, totally compliant with the food hygienic standards.
Bitzer compressor offers abundant compressing power and guarantees producing ice in the shortest period with the least energy consumption.
Proven performance secured by world top brands, Siemens, Schneider, Danfoss…etc.
Module design, the whole set consists of machine unit module, evaporator module, and cooling tower module; easy to ship and install; evaporator module can contain several parts in terms of capacity.

Contacts :
Tel: +86-21-5108 9946
Fax: +86-21-5227 2259

Focusun Refrigeration Corporation
Room 603, Baohong Center
No. 7755 Zhongchun Rd
Shanghai CHINA
ZipCode: 201100

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