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5 years ago

Crime Documentary - The Troy Barboza story

Viewer discretion is advised. Some may find this content disturbing. This is a documentary I found interesting.

Officer Barboza was an undercover officer and had the suspect arrested after making a cocaine purchase from him. After the suspect was released from jail, he found where Officer Barboza lived, went to his home, and shot him with a shotgun as he sat in his living room chair.

The suspect fled to San Diego, California, but with the help of mainland undercover officers, returned to Hawaii under the premise of making another drug deal. He was convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

Williams and another San Diego man, Alexander M. McAllister, 25, were arrested in July, 1987.

McAllister received a 20-year sentence on a drug charge and later testified against Williams at the murder trial. The two apparently were friends from high school, Dias said.

Dias said Williams acted alone in the killing and that the source of the drugs is still under investigation. He added that evidence suggests that Williams was an associate of members of the L.A.-based Crips gang.

Williams was sentenced by Circuit Judge Thomas Kaulukukui Jr., the court clerk said.

San Diego Police Lt. Phil Jarvis said his department cooperated with Honolulu police in the Williams case. There are no local warrants for his arrest, but Jarvis said that San Diego police are "interested" in him and that he could be a suspect in local crimes.

Jarvis declined to elaborate.

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