Vijender Singh wants peace with China, offers title back | वनइंडिया हिंदी

  • 7 years ago
In an act of great gesture, Vijender Singh has offered to return his WBO Oriental Super Middleweight title to Chinese Zulpikar Maimaitiali in lieu of peace at the Indo-China border. Vijender, a double champion in pro boxing, has urged India and China to maintain peace at the border. The 31-year-old Olympic bronze medallist's grew in stature last night by not just outslugging Maimaitiali in a close bout to annex the dual WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight and WBO Oriental Super Middleweight title, but by also urging for peace.

जुल्पीकार मैमितियाली को हराने के बाद 'भारतीय के शेर' विजेंदर सिंह का जिंदादिली देखने को मिली, जिसके बारे में जानकर हर भारतीय का सीना गर्व से चौड़ा हो जाएगा। देखें विडियो और जानें विजेंदर ने ऐसा क्या किया |