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Acer B3A30 Bluetooth Keyboard CaseMama Mouth Slim Stand PU Leather Case Cover With

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Acer B3A30 Bluetooth Keyboard CaseMama Mouth Slim Stand PU Leather Case Cover With

Product Description :
New Design2 in 1 Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard Design for 101 Acer Iconia One 10 B3-A30The removable Bluetooth Keyboardeyboard allows you to Ksetup and sync your Acer B3-A30 quickly for the first timeand alsoit only is case for your Acer B3-A30 when you do not want use keyboardThis is a very practical There are eight colors for this tabletplease search mama mouth your tablet to take the fastest path to the product you want
Custom designed high quality ABS Chiclet Keyboard for iOS Android Windows TabletNoteDepending on your tablet operating systemswitching bluetooth keyboard systemSpecial design the multimedia keylikepause keynext song key search keylock screen keyvolume up keyetcand the realization of these functions need to press the fn key at the same time
Bluetooth 30 removable and rechargeable keyboardand it is can fit iOS Android Windows Tabletis also very convenientconnect the tablet is very fast too
When you do not want use keyboardit is Lightweight Ultra Slim Shell Stand PU Leather Caseeatures stand with numerous viewing angles you can adjust as you wantit is very convenient and practical
Made of synthetic material leatherMagnetic closure and Stylus loop

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