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14 years ago|238 views

265_6501 Dian

taipoo shootix
Alley, Taipei. 4h05~13, new development (déclinaison sur le thème de la ville et de ses habitants). En temps et en heures.
Semaine rentrée. 19/06/'06... To Bobo. Two brief openings to the world of "Bobo".
I have the sadness to announce you that earlier this year Bobo passed away... Fin d'une "vie de chien" à Taipei/ July 23, 2007 (hard 2 translate)
PS: The newspaper lady who gave me the deadful news thanked me for inquiring, whether she would think I was nuts to advertise her dog's life on blog or whatsoever is hard to tell but there's a great chance... When I replied it was "hard time", she thought it was already a bit too much for a dog. So let's just hope he is resting in peace! Bye Bobo... :(
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