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Adnan Oktar: Let’s apply to authorities for the abolishment death penalty in Bangladesh

2 yıl önce|6 görüntüleme
 ADNAN OKTAR: "Mir Quasem Ali, one of the leaders of Bangladeshi Jamaat-e-Islami, has been sentenced to death." These vile, despicable people hang anyone they can.

They also executed Abdul Quader Molla last year. Now, it is Mir Quasem Ali's turn, is that so?


AYLİN KOCAMAN: Al-Imam al-A'zam had also been sentenced to death but he died in prison. Besides, he was very old.


ADNAN OKTAR: For one thing, the USA should take an exemplary step and abolish death penalty. Because, when we ask the death penalty to be abolished, the answer we get is "There is also death penalty in USA, too." This makes it impossible to convince these people. The USA should abandon implementing death penalty as soon as possible. Life sentence should be implemented instead of hanging people. One cannot know what the future may bring; there have been many cases where the convict turned out to be innocent. They hang the convict, but then the forensic report comes in, proving that the culprit was actually innocent. So they apologize. They analyze the wrongly accused man's DNA, and the analysis reveals that the DNA belongs to someone else. Now what? Now, you have become the murder, and a notorious one at that. There is a possibility of release in life sentence, but there is no such possibility in death sentence.


We should lay emphasis on the death penalty issue. It should be abolished. We should prepare a letter and send it to the USA and all other countries. This a conscientious responsibility. The execution numbers in the USA is through the roof.  It has virtually become the country of horror.


CEYLAN OZBUDAK: Mr. Oktar, you already know that, among many others, there is one reason why the death penalty is still practiced in the US, and many people will find it conscious troubling. It is because the cost of taking care of a prisoner sentenced to life is enormous.


ADNAN OKTAR: But this is a cruel assertion. They themselves admit that it is so, right?


AYLİN KOCAMAN: The USA also ranks number one as the country with the highest female execution rate.


ADNAN OKTAR: This is absolutely horrible.


CEYLAN OZBUDAK: And it is also the country with the highest number of female convicts.


ADNAN OKTAR: Poor women. We should prepare a letter and launch a campaign to voice our request.


OKTAR BABUNA: Your books have a highly positive influence in American prisons, Mr. Oktar. They help most of the convicts become socially beneficial citizens; the US government specifically allows their distribution.


ADNAN OKTAR: It seems that my books really are widely influential in American prisons. The US officially disclosed this information to us.


OKTAR BABUNA: According to the statistical data, the rate of conversion to Islam is very high among the prisoners, insha'Allah. This is thanks to your books, masha'Allah.


ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah.’s-apply-to-authorities-for-the-abolishment-death-penalty-in-Bangladesh
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