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4 years ago

PT. 2 Regina Hall Speaks on Codes of Sisterhood + Why Girls Trips Are Important
Multifaceted actress Regina Hall sat in on Sway In The Morning to discuss her upcoming movie Girls Trip and apparently make Sway swoon. In Sway’s defense, they do have a few common denominators.

The 46-year-old star, Sway, and Heather B discussed “reciprocity” in meeting fans. Both Sway and Hall were in agreement that there’s nothing wrong with asking for a fry from a fan. The real love kicked in when Hall began speaking about her love of boxing. R. Kelly’s “Your Body’s Callin'” played in the background as she and Sway discussed favorite punches and school assignments on boxing.

When speaking about her upcoming movie, the star explains why every role in the film is important for the story.

“Having four African-American women lead a movie with a universal theme [is important,] to be able to see the dynamics of what we are, all women, as African-American women; classy and ratchet, intelligent and wild.”

Hall and Heather B also disclosed the significance of a girls trip to Sway. They clarified that it doesn’t have to be a bunch of women, it can be two or three. The purpose is to escape reality for a while to gain a better grasp of it, rather than just have a bunch of wild fun.

Check out the interview and witness a smitten Sway Calloway above

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