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MountIt MI75826 Dual Articulating Tilting Rotating Swiveling Arm Desk Mounts for LCD

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MountIt MI75826 Dual Articulating Tilting Rotating Swiveling Arm Desk Mounts for LCD

Product Description :
Functional Mount-It MI-75821 Provides multiple potential angles orientations heights and positions to benefit your health With this mount you can work while standing sitting or laying down which helps with healthy circulation The angling and rotating features are ergonomically designed to prevent eye neck back or wrist strain fight sun glare and optimize your viewing angle for your screens and devices
Cooling Fan The cooling fan is USB powered and keeps your devices operating at safe temperatures which will lengthen device longevity This mount can tilt your laptop over a range of 90 degrees and hold any tablet or laptop with screen sizes of 17inches or less The extendable grips are covered in a scratch resistant rubber and secure your device safely in place The stand is equipped with a cable access hole at the back of the tray
Monitor Mount Stand Supports Samsung Sony LG Sharp Insignia Vizio Haier Dell HP ViewSonic Acer Asus OEM YAMAKASI eMachines Inland T-Power First 13 to 27 inch monitors with VESA patterns of 75x75mm or 100x100mm and 22lbs maximum The grommet clamp is solid and durable for a large load capacity It fits desks 79 to 236 inches
Articulating Arms The arms can rotate 360 degrees from the midway point and 270 degrees where the VESA bracket attaches to the arm The VESA head can rotate your screen 360 degrees from landscape to portrait Tilt your screens over a range of 110 degrees All arms are adjustable height which means they can be raised or lowered 155 inches total The adjustable height pole attached to the desk gives a secondary option for raising and lowering each arm over the span of its length
Elegant and Sturdy Construction The easy to use integrated cable management clips are located under each arm and down the back of the pole for an easy way to bundle and organize your cables Solid die cast aluminum engineering is sturdy and robust for long lasting support of your monitors and devices This desk mount is fastened with a C-clamp base for maximum security and minimum hardware visibility The assembly hardware is included with easy to follow instructions