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Report Suggests Military Parade Piqued Trump’s Interest In Visiting Paris

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According to the Washington Post, President Trump was not interested in going to Paris until he found out there would be a massive military parade.

President Trump is visiting Paris for France’s Bastille Day and the commemoration of the United States’ entry into World War I, which occurred 100 years ago. 

According to the Washington Post, “President Trump was not expected to attend…But then he learned there would be a military parade.”
It goes on to note that France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, really played up the celebration’s inclusion of fighter jets, heavy equipment, and troops when extending the invitation.
The extravaganza sounds not unlike what President Trump may have imagined for his inauguration.
The Huffington Post reported in March that people involved in the event’s planning sent emails to the Pentagon requesting images of military equipment, preferably tactical vehicles and perhaps some missile launchers, that could be made available for the day. 
That plan never came to fruition. In fact, even the fairly common flyovers by military planes didn’t happen to due to inclement weather, notes The Hill.
While the promise of such a display may have been influential in Trump’s decision to go to Paris, the show of military might will not be his only activity while there.
Trump and President Macron will hold talks, and, along with their wives, enjoy an elaborate meal at a tony restaurant located high up in the Eiffel Tower.

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