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BlackPink Jennie SIZZLES On Dazed Korea Cover + Reveals Favorite Ice Cream | Kossip News

Kossip News
Kossip News
il y a 2 ans|33 vues
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BlackPink Jennie SIZZLES On Dazed Korea Cover + Reveals Favorite Ice Cream | Kossip News

Blackpink’s Jennie sizzles on the cover of dazed Korea and reveals her favorite ice cream flavor the bts video.

Blackpinks Jennie is showing off her fierce style on the cover of dazed Korea’s April issue. The images released on the magazines Instagram show several looks that compliment the singers stunning visuals.

The magazine also released clips from the shoots behind bts video. In which the shoot the singer reveals some fun facts including her favorite ice cream flavor lets take a look.

So there you have it, milk ice cream wins for Jennie she also shared that she thinks unicorns are real.

Um she is a real life unicorn in the flesh, I don't know if you guys knew that. How fun is this shoot? Let me know your thoughts on Blackpinks Jennie’s magazine cover in the comments below and also what is your favorite ice cream flavor? Personally I like Rainbow Sherbet but it has to be from Baskin Robins and when I can’t get that I go for plain old vanilla with sprinkles. Let me know yours in the comments below
And that is it for now guys today happy Friday please give this video a like and subscribe. I’m your host Gloria Powell and I’ll see you in the next one.

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