Chinese Villagers Use 50 million LED Beads to Put Up a Dazzling Light Show

  • 7 years ago
At the mere mention of light shows, people tend to think about large towns with millions of people; but one Chinese village with just 5,000 residents hosted a light show of their own on Friday. They used more than 50 million LED beads to form various scenes centered on seven themes.

This light show village is located in Pingxiang of east China's Jiangxi Province.

At dusk, more than 20,000 visitors started their strolls along the lights which were lit up on top of lotus ponds. The seven themes of light show included a 268-meter-long time tunnel, a Milky Way, an Eiffel Tower, and a Mount Fuji.

LED beads save electricity and are cool without air pollution.

Instead, visitors could smell the fragrance of lotus, daisy, and even the fertile soil while strolling along the sides of lotus ponds and listening to the chirping of nocturnal insects.

Against the backdrop of graphic depictions of rolling mountains and blooming flowers formed by lights of various colors, visitors were entertained with a stage performance by dancers and singers.

"I used to imagine this village as like an out-of-date quarter for aged people, with activities like, say, angling. But being here now, I found it so fashionable, so cool, super cool," said one young visitor.