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    99¢ Dreams

    Jason Rodi

    by Jason Rodi

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    This 80 minute independent epic shot across the 7 continents in 4 years, follows 8 characters living their dreams wherever it takes them. Dreams of fame, truth, power, and even time travel collide in this impressionistic story.
    I had no script, and would try to follow only my intuition and moments of beauty. The film was hence written in the editing process, which was often done accompanied by musicians from the Moondata collective. Part of my intent in making this film, besides the personal spiritual quest at the core of the film, was to marry a non-linear VJ language with a narrative through-line.
    The film was made as a loop, with no beginning or end. I am happy to see that the loop is closed, and these 99¢ Dreams are not dreams anymore, but memories somewhere between life and fiction.