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Frontline: Great Asia War Book

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Quick look in the book! About the book „Great Asia War“:

The setting of this book is the Pacific during WWII from 1941 – 1945.

You find lists of these companies:

2nd / 6th Australian Commando Squadron
42nd Australian Infantry Battalion

British Motor Infantry Brigade
British Armoured Brigade
Chindits Commandos in Burma

Chinese Expeditionary Mechanized Company
Chinese Expeditionary Tank Company

Japanese & Thai (as attached platoons):
IJA Invasion Forces 1942-44
IJA Defence Forces 1944-45
IJN Marine Paratroopers 1942
IJN Special Naval Forces 1944-45
Japanese Tank Companies 1942-45

Dutch Infantry Company 1942 Royal Netherlands Indies Army

US Infantry Company in the Philippines 1942
US Marine Companies 1944-45

The lists are build on the historical background. Aditionally, you find historical background about the companies and theatres, maps and cards, and inspiring photos.

You find briefings for refighting these campaigns and battles:

Malaya and the Fall of Singapore, The Dutch East Indies, The Philippines, the War in Burma, New Guinea, Bougainville, the Invasion on India, Saipan, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and the Battle of Manila.

Great Asia War has 216 pages, hardcover book, printed in good quality and in full colour.

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