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Year Dot

Think back to that first defining year in your life when you started to make the important decisions that helped shape who you are today.

Was it the year you decided to leave home? Start a new job? Have a child? Go to college? Whatever it was, that year changed your life forever.

Year Dot is a groundbreaking project from Channel 4 that will give an extraordinary insight into that journey. It will follow a group of fifteen young people as they go through what they hope will be their life-changing year and from 30th June 2008 Channel 4 and MySpace will be with them every step of the way.

To celebrate the project launch and beginning of the year, Channel 4 and MySpace are holding a competition calling on MySpace users to submit their experiences around the theme ‘the first year of the rest of your life’. Whether it was the year you travelled to Bolvia, or met the love of your life, honest responses both good and bad are welcomed. The most open and unique submission will be chosen by Channel 4 judges and made into a short film to be aired on Channel 4 and MySpace later in the year.
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