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CSX Q696 at Marshville, NC

Chase Millsap
While I was on HWY 74 near Marshville, I saw a Westbound Empty Coal Train with a New GEVO in the head end, fortunately it wasn;t filmed, but when I stopped at this crossing, I saw a Green Signal and appeared it was good news. It is, Q696 from Russell, KY to Hmalet, NC passes by at 50mph with the #631, that is a CW60AC, and #31 and it is a CW44AC, I wished I have got that Coal Train, but it wasn't a great area so we decided to just get back on the road, in fact, I was told in Hamlet that I was going down to Florida the next day to search for homes as part of what was a back up plan if I didn't move to Portland.

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