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Heavenly Creatures - Hello my friend

This is a song i wrote called "Hello, my Friend". I wrote this song thinking of this great Peter Jackson's movie "Heavenly Creatures", and the murder of Pauline Parker's mother.

This is a version i did myself with Peter Jackson's footage, it's just for fun and to have a good appreciation of the music with the images.

I hope you'll like it !

Lyrics :

Hello, My Friend, You're dead
Goodbye, old dreams, we're dead
You lived enough to see the world again,
To feel the sun and sand
You lived too young to watch your own best friend,
to see him die by them.

Hello, my friend, we're back again,
Tonight, we'll spend our time
We lived enough to see road again,
to wander in the desert
We lived too young to feel the sand again
crushing our face again...

Hello, my friend...

Hello, My Friend : 2008 © - Fabien CLAES - Audio & Lyrics rights reserved -

Heavenly Creatures footage used only for creative purpose © - WingNut films -