How to Repair A Corrupted USB Flash Drive or SD Card without any Software - Hindi/Urdu

  • 7 years ago
Now you own the corrupted memory card / USB-fix software
only on your Computer or laptop without any help from your memory card to any virus / USB in just a few minutes.
This method works 100%. I do not need any skill. It may very easily.
Look well to each step and just fix your bad SD card / USB.
This method works on every window and Computer. There is no limit to the window version or Computer. Just so you guys can Ujungpandang must remember that when you're doing well
Corrupted SD Card / USB you do not have to do it and I'm not remove light or stop damage to your SD Card / USB. If any
such problems occur you comment in the comment box.

Step 1: Click RUN

Step 2: Write CMD in RUN BOX

Step 3: Diskpart

Step 4: List Disk

Step 5: Select Disk ........

Step 6: Clean

Step 7: Create Partition Primary

Step 8: Format fs=fat32

And Complete this Action. ( Thank you for watching )

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